Applies to: Oracle, MS SQL, MySql/MariaDB, PostgreSQL Drivers


**There is no set_attribute.  This attribute is read only.**
get_attribute f2s_license_max_users of {DriverID} to {variable}




The ID of the driver for which this applies. In most cases, you should use _f2s_ActiveDriverID.


Integer variable to hold the maximum number of users allowed by the current license


Getting this read only attribute returns the maximum number of concurrent users allowed by the current license.

Each executable on a local machine that uses the driver consumes one session. Each computer accessing a server uses 1 user license. So, for example, lets say you have 3 DataFlex programs on your computer that use the Mertech SQL driver, f2s_ms_x64, all accessing the same server. If all three programs are running at the same time, 3 session licenses will be consumed but only 1 user license. Conversely, if only one program is running, 1 session license (local computer) will be used and 1 user license (server) will be used.

In the case of a terminal server, the license again comes with driver user and driver session licenses. Each terminal session consumes 1 driver user license and has a specified number of driver session licenses. For example, lets say you have a 10 user terminal server that has a Flex2SQL license with a 20 session limit. This would allow each terminal (a maximum of 10 concurrent terminals) to consume a maximum of 20 driver sessions. Each terminal session is a driver user and each program running on an individual terminal session is a driver seesion.



Integer iNumUsers iMaxUsers iMaxSessions

Get_Attribute f2s_license_server_users_current_count of _f2s_ActiveDriverID to iNumUsers
Get_Attribute f2s_license_max_users of _f2s_ActiveDriverID to iMaxUsers
Get_Attribute f2s_license_max_sessions of _f2s_ActiveDriverID to iMaxSessions

Showln (SFormat("The current number of users is %1", iNumUsers))
Showln (SFormat("The maximum number of users is %1",iMaxUsers))
Showln (SFormat("The maximum number of sessions is %1",iMaxSessions))

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