Flex2SQL Deployment Tool

The Flex2SQL Deployment tools make the installation and deployment of your application easy and reliable. Instead of having to manually setup our driver or figure out exactly what files need to go where in your installation script, the Flex2SQL Deployment Tools give you a sure-fire way to get our drivers setup without the headache of figuring out what goes where.

Additionally, you can use the Flex2SQL Deployment Tools to fix existing installations that aren’t working. We are often contacted by developers that had an installation that worked, but now for some reason it’s not working, or it works in one scenario and not another. Licensing errors are another source of grief for many developers. This can be caused by a copy of the license being in the wrong place, or an older DLL being found in some unexpected place. All of these cases are easy to fix with the Flex2SQL Deployment Tools.

How It Works

The key technology behind the Flex2SQL Deployment Tools is a new delayed load feature built into all the v17+ drivers (both Classic Edition and Unicode Edition). This allows our drivers to follow a very specific set of rules that work along with the Flex2SQL Deployment Tools to make setup and configuration a more straightforward process. As long as files are placed into the correct location relative to the driver DLL itself, any errant copies of files located elsewhere are ignored.

Additionally, the Flex2SQL Deployment Tools know how to confirm the installation of 3rd party DLLs that are required by Flex2SQL such as the Oracle Instant Client or MSOLEDB drivers. We’ve also built in technology to help you make sure you’ve selected the right license file. When combined, all of these changes make for a rock solid installation system for Flex2SQL.