Applies to: ORAFlex SQLFlex MYSQLFlex PGFlex DB2Flex

This command is used to specify how to handle blank and zero values on the SQL backend. Since blank or zero values can often be stored as null in the server database, this command allows that to be altered if needed. When set to true, a value will be inserted into blank records to keep them from being null. See the list below for what value will be stored instead of null. If set to false, values will be stored normally in the database. Note that this command effects all data types.

DF_ASCII and DF_TEXT - ‘ ‘ (one blank space)

DF_BCD - 0 (zero)

DF_DATe and DF_DATETIME - 00/00/0000 for MYSQL 01/01/0001 for Oracle MSSQL, and Postgre 01/01/1753 for MSSQL Datetimes



SET_FIELDS_NOT_NULL to {variable}




Boolean variable to indicate how to handle null values