Mertech Support Utility

The Mertech Support Utility allows you to view and update the Mertech drivers in your VDF runtime installation.

The Flex2SQL installation wizard runs the Mertech Support Utility as the last step of the installation process. Mertech Support Utility lets you select the Mertech database drivers and versions of Visual DataFlex for driver installation and then installs the selected drivers, licenses, dependencies, and help files. The Mertech Support Utility also copies and the Flex2SQL.pkg into your VDF development environment.

Mertech Support Utility is also available from the Windows Start Menu for later use, allowing you to update the drivers, license, and help files in any of your VDF runtime folders.

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Select Drivers

The Select Drivers screen displays the available drivers (SQL_DRV, ORA_DRV, MDSPGSQL, and MDSMYSQL) and their version number, which is coded: Major.Minor.Build.Revision.

If this is a new installation, the version number is the number of the driver on the installation disk. If this is an existing installation and you launch the Mertech Support Utility from the Windows Start Menu, the version number is the number of the driver(s) currently installed in the <Program Files>Mertech Data Systems \DB DriversDataFlexbin directory.

To install a new driver or copy an already installed driver to a new VDF runtime:

1 Place a check mark next to the name of the driver(s) you want to copy.

2 Place a check mark next to Copy dependent libraries.

3 Place a check mark next to Copy Help to install the Mertech.chm file in the selected VDF help directory.

Note: At least one driver must be selected in order for the help to be installed.

4 Click Next.

Select Visual DataFlex Runtime(s)

The Select Visual DataFlex Runtime(s) screen displays the VDF runtimes and the associated Mertech drivers currently installed on your computer. You can update any of your VDF runtimes with the files you selected on the Select Drivers screen.

To update a VDF runtime:

1 Place a check next to the VDF runtime to be updated.

2 Click Next.

Note: Click Back to change your driver selection.


The Summary screen lists the drivers, dependencies, and VDF runtime(s) you selected. Click Back to change your selection. Click Next to start the installation process.

Setup Wizard

The Setup Wizard screen lists the installed files. Click Finish to exit the support utility.

Uninstall Option

When you install Mertech drivers, the Mertech Support Utility creates a folder called Uninstall Mertech Drivers in the VDF runtime folder. Uninstall Mertech Drivers contains the MDSDriverUninstall.ini file, which lists all the information needed to uninstall or rollback the Mertech drivers, licenses, and dependencies. Uninstall Mertech Drivers also contains date/timestamped subdirectories that hold the files associated with the installation.

To start the Mertech Support Utility in uninstall mode, open a command prompt and launch the wizard using the –u option:

MdsDfSupportUtil.exe -u

You can then choose to uninstall all versions of the Mertech drivers for the selected VDF version, or you can rollback to the previous version of the Mertech drivers.

Every install and uninstall record the results of the copy or remove operations. Log files can be found under %ALLUSERSPROFILE% > Mertech Data Systems > MdsDFSupportUtil> n.n.