Applies to: ORAFlex SQLFlex MYSQLFlex PGFlex DB2Flex

Use this attribute to specify whether the SCHEMA_NAME option will be included in the INT file. If set to True, the SCHEMA_NAME option will not be included in the INT file, if set to false, the SCHEMA_NAME option will be included in the INT file. This has two uses. The first is during a Structure_Start i.e. table creation/modification. The other is when using the OUTPUT_INT_FILE command. Set this attribute before the OUTPUT_INT_FILE to indicate how the INT file will be written. This name indicates a backwards logic so take note that setting it to true will NOT include the SCHEMA_NAME in the INT file.

Default Value: False


Get_Attribute DF_FILE_SUPPRESS_SCHEMANAME_OUTPUT of {FileNumber} to {variable}
Set_Attribute DF_FILE_SUPPRESS_SCHEMANAME_OUTPUT of {FileNumber} to {variable}




Number of the file


Boolean variable. True to not include, false to include in INT.


Open Customer

    Set_Attribute DF_FILE_SUPPRESS_SCHEMANAME_OUTPUT of Customer.File_Number to True

    OUTPUT_INT_FILE for Customer.File_Number to "c:\temp\test.int"

Close Customer