Applies to: ORAFlex SQLFlex MYSQLFlex PGFlex DB2Flex

When creating records on a table with RECNUM support, the record number is returned after creation. When this attribute is false, the newly created record’s RECNUM is not returned from the server. This could result in a slight performance improvement when many records are being created in a loop. The optimization, however, is negligible. Having this attribute set to false can have detrimental effects if used improperly; i.e. DD-based saves or UI-based operations. Thus, this should almost always be set to true unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise.

Default Value: True


Get_Attribute DF_FILE_RETRIEVE_RECNUM of {FileNumber} to {variable}
Set_Attribute DF_FILE_RETRIEVE_RECNUM of {FileNumber} to {variable}




Number of the file


Boolean variable. false to not retrieve record number, true otherwise.