Deploying Thriftly APIs Through Non-Thriftly Servers and Gateways

As you know, you can easily deploy and access your Thriftly APIs through our own Thriftly Web Server and Gateways. This is how we primarily intend Thriftly APIs to be deployed and accessed. In addition to being convenient, deploying your APIs through Thriftly allows us to more easily resolve any maintenance or troubleshooting issues that might arise. For example, if you’ve deployed your APIs using our server and gateways, and your access goes down, we can easily review our hardware and your configuration to see where the problem lies.

However, you can deploy Thriftly APIs using external web servers and gateways, and there may be situations in which it is correct to do so. For example, if you’ve already purchased a robust web server infrastructure that can handle the magnitude of requests you expect of your API, you may want to use that infrastructure instead of deploying your API separately through the Thriftly Server.

You can deploy Thriftly APIs using the following open-source web servers and the following gateway infrastructure providers:

If you’d like to do so, please contact us at, and we’ll provide the details you need to get started.