Welcome to Thriftly!

Thriftly is an API creation toolkit that allows Windows developers, working in nearly any programming language, to transform vital pieces of their existing desktop applications into web APIs. These Thriftly APIs can then serve as the backbone of new, modern web and mobile applications, allowing you to reuse existing functions as you pursue your company’s digital transformation.

To create a Thriftly API from your existing application, all you must do is add a small set of Thriftly-related files, directives, and metadata to the services you want to access over the web. Then, you can easily deploy and connect with your new APIs using our Thriftly Server and geographically-dispersed API gateways.

In this way, Thriftly saves you the time and expense of rewriting old code to function within modern applications. Thriftly makes it simple to provide modern application developers with web-based access to your existing business logic and functions, allowing them to quickly integrate your code into new web and mobile applications, hosted either on-premise or in the cloud.

An diagram of how Thriftly connects your desktop application and functions to new, modern apps

Thriftly also includes advanced API access, security, and management features, such as built-in support for JSON Web Token-based authorization and easy integration with Microsoft Azure’s API Management services.

In the next section, we’ll dive a little deeper into how Thriftly allows you to transform existing application functions into web APIs, before launching you into the documentation proper.