Accessing Your API’s WSDL, WADL, or IDL

To take advantage of certain Thriftly features, such as Thriftly Deployment’s easy Azure API Management integration, and for your own testing and development usage, you might want to access your API’s Web Services Description Language (WSDL), Web Application Description Language (WADL), or Interface Description Language (IDL). To do so:

  1. Retrieve the URL of the service for which you want to generate a WSDL, WADL, or IDL:

    1. If you haven’t already noted this URL, the easiest way to find it on your Thriftly Developer machine is to Run your application from your code editor of choice and launch the Thriftly Developer window.

    2. When the Thriftly Developer window appears, make sure you’ve enabled the Thriftly Gateway and selected a Gateway Region. Then, Start Thriftly.

    3. Your service URLs appear within the web page that launches in your web browser. You can use the clipboard icon to copy your service URL to your clipboard.

    A Thriftly service within your web browser
  2. In your web browser, enter your service’s URL. Then, depending on what description language file you want to generate, append either ?wsdl (to retrieve a WSDL), ?wadl (to retrieve a WADL), or ?idl (to retrieve an IDL). Note that the ?wsdl, ?wadl, and ?idl suffixes are case-sensitive; you must enter them in lowercase to correctly generate a file.

  3. Press Enter to generate the file (either in your browser, for WSDLs, or as a download, for WADLs and IDLs).

An example WSDL file