Updating Your Firewall and Adjusting Your App’s Default Recovery Settings

There are a couple more minor tasks you must perform as part of deploying your Thriftly APIs. These include:

Updating Your Firewall to Allow Others to Access Your APIs

To ensure your organization’s firewall accepts connections with your Thriftly APIs, you must update your firewall rules to allow calls to and responses from your APIs. To do so:

  1. If you haven’t already, open the Thriftly Configurator (Windows Start menu > Thriftly Deployment Server > Thriftly Admin).

  2. From the Thriftly Configurator toolbar, select Options.

  3. On the Settings tab, select Update Firewall Rules for All Application Pools.

Thriftly will automatically update your network’s firewall to allow the sources listed in your endpoints’ Host Interface field to connect with your APIs.

Adjusting Your Applications’ Default Recovery Settings

In certain scenarios, due to circumstances on your end, our end, or out of either party’s control, the Thriftly Server may fail to connect to your application. In that case, the Thriftly Server uses the recovery settings you define within the Thriftly Configurator to attempt to reconnect with your application.

We expect the default recovery settings we’ve assigned within the Thriftly Configurator to meet your needs. However, if you want to adjust these recovery settings:

  1. From the Windows Start menu, open the Thriftly Configurator (Thriftly Deployment Server > Thriftly Admin).

  2. From the Configurator’s toolbar, select the Options button. The Settings tab appears.

  3. In the Gateway Settings panel, adjust the following fields as necessary:

    1. In the Max Reconnect Attempts field, enter the maximum amount of times the Thriftly Server should attempt to connect to your application before giving up. By default, this field is set to 0, and the Thriftly Server attempts to reconnect with your application an unlimited number of times.

    2. In the Reconnect Delay field, enter the number of milliseconds the Thriftly Server waits before attempting to reconnect to your application after a connection failure.

    3. In the Reconnect Delay Progressive Factor field, enter the multiplier to apply to the time period you entered in step b for each successive reconnection attempt.

    4. The Use alternate Gateway Connection checkbox is designed to be used as part of troubleshooting directed by Thriftly support staff. This checkbox directs your API to access a non-standard Thriftly Server port in the event of an artificial connection blockage. Do not select this checkbox unless directed to do so by Thriftly support staff.

  4. Select OK to apply your settings.