Release Notes

BTR2SQL v6.1.9604.0

BTR2SQL v6.1.9604.0 was released on 2023-01-10. This build contains MS-SQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL Drivers.

New Features

This version now includes v2 DDF support! By allow the import of data dictionary files containing v2 metadata, BTR2SQL can now import newer table structures without requiring any backporting of the table structure to v1 or contacting Mertech support for other workarounds. This feature is mostly transparent to you. You need to be running v6.1 of our utility and that’s it.

Additionally, this version adds support for Microsoft SQL Server 2022, MSOLEDBSQL v19.x and PostgreSQL v15.

Bug Fixes

BTR2SQL v6.1.9604.0 contains all bug fixes from the latest v6.0 build.